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2023 Sales Tax Nexus Template

This 2023 Sales Tax Nexus Template makes it easy to determine if a business has sales tax nexus, especially for non-sales tax professionals. Send this template to a separate department within your firm or a partner CPA firm. It will help them find which of their clients have sales tax nexus in 2023.

How to use the 2023 Sales Tax Nexus Template

No prior sales tax knowledge is needed to use this template. It will ask a few, broad, questions regarding physical presence and economic activity. The template will then automatically calculate the states that have triggered sales tax nexus in 2023. A rough estimated liability will also be calculated.

Steps to use this template

Add your client's gross revenue for each state in the year 2023. You can add their 2023 transactions as well if you have a transaction count available.


Answer each of the 5 physical presence questions for each state. 


Based on the inputs, the states triggering nexus will be marked as red. A estimated liability


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