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A Simple Way To Understand and Communicate
Your Clients' Sales Tax Liabilities

Whether you're a sales tax firm onboarding prospects or an accounting firm trying to keep your clients out of danger, Peper's easy-to-use Sales Tax Diagnostic Tool helps your firm cut through the complexity of sales tax and paints a clear picture of where your clients have sales tax issues.

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Why Peper? 

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It enables you to easily diagnose your clients' sales tax issues and communicate their exposures

Show your current or prospective clients where they have sales tax nexus and their exposures in each state. Don't let the cost of a nexus study stand in the way of showing your clients where they are our of sales tax compliance.

Our custom PDF report and sales sheet will clearly communicate to prospective clients their sales tax risks and liabilities and show them in financial terms the cost of inaction and the benefits of follow-up sales tax services.

It helps you grow referrals from your CPA, VAT, and accounting partners

Our Partner Portal will help your partner firms cut through the complexity around sales tax and provide them with the tools necessary to know where their clients have sales tax nexus and how much they owe in each state. Our auto-generated PDF report will make it easy for partner firms to communicate sales tax risks with their clients and help them understand the benefits of resolving their sales tax issues.


Partner firms can refer their clients directly through the Partner Portal or your sales tax team can review the generated reports and reach out to clients directly.

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See Peper in Action

How it Works


Quickly determine your clients' sales tax nexus

After filling out a questionnaire regarding your client's business activity, Peper will automatically determine in which states your client has physical or economic nexus.


Effectively communicate the results

Peper generates a professional-looking PDF report and Excel sales sheet that'll clearly communicate your client's sales tax liabilities, any next steps that you recommend, and a cost-benefit of moving forward with your services. Peper’s reports provide a state-by-state breakdown of the liabilities and the nexus triggering activity. 


Automatically calculate their exposure

Peper will calculate your client's sales tax liabilities, penalties, and interest in each state. Even if you don't have all your client's info upfront, you can update the calculations as more data becomes available.


Invite your partners to the Partner Portal

Invite your partner firms to use Peper so they can have access to the same easy-to-use diagnostic tool. They will be able to generate a sales tax nexus PDF report for their clients and directly refer prospects through the web app. Your team sets the type of reports your partners can generate (year lookback, sales tax rate strictness, etc).

Pricing That Grows With You

Subscription-Free Access

No subscription is required. You can use Peper on a per-diagnostic basis. 

$95/per diagnostic

Nexus Discovery Plan

Includes unlimited nexus diagnostics for you and your team.


Partner Portal

Access to the Partner Portal is included in the Nexus Discovery Plan.

$20/per partner firm diagnostic

Sign Up and Give it a Try

Get started today and grow your sales tax services.

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